With your help, we can bring 'Your City' to life. The event is a weekend project that plans to galvanise the people of our city, creating awareness by offering ample exposure to the local artists, venues and music professionals that will help to mold Stoke-on-Trent's musical culture.
As a collective of Staffordshire based individuals, from varied backgrounds within the local music scene, the team behind 'Your City' is dedicated to the evolution of Stoke-on-Trent’s music industry and aims to progress the city by establishing a city wide music event.
Our team of passionate members have found that immensely talented local musicians, often have their true potential overlooked. We want to change this perspective by creating city wide awareness of musicians that have been forged in the furnaces of S-O-T and that will continuously sculpt the future of our city.

By making this vision happen, you can be a part of the journey. Support and you shall be supported.

It’s 'Your City' after all.